Aromatherapy Levels 2 and 3- Product Formulating & Materia Aromatica (Distance Learning + In-classroom mentorship)

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Formulating Aromatherapy Products - Includes In-Classroom mentorship (65 hours)

This advanced aromatherapy product formulating hands-on course will include creating twenty products for personal use, application in therapeutic or other healthcare practice, or marketing them for retail purposes. Formulate custom aromatherapy products using a wide variety of raw organic ingredients including hydrosols, herbal infusions, skincare, and other healing products.

You will custom-make natural products specific to your clients' and customers' specific needs, skin types, and conditions. This course also includes Materia Aromatica; fifteen essential oil profiles, written descriptions of product formulating, and a written aromatherapy first aid kit that a student will complete as a distance learning study.

This class is a unique opportunity to be immersed in the beauty of nature at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Crestone, Colorado.

Included in this Aromatherapy Product Formulating course:

  • Digital Course Manual: Formulating Twenty Aromatherapy Products, Advanced Materia Aromatica.
  • Additional Powerpoint Presentations of Stove-top Hydrosol Distillation and Formulating Organic Lotion
  • Three days of In-classroom hands-on instruction- copper still hydrosol distillation and formulation of eight aromatherapy products.
    In-classroom products will include hydrosol distillation, nasal inhaler, foaming soap, room or facial spritzer, salt shower scrub, body butter, lip balm, healing salve, and facial serum.
  • All raw product ingredients, carrier oils, hydrosols, essential oils, bottles, and labels will be provided during the in-classroom mentorship.
  • Personalized instructor supports in-classroom and by phone, e-mail, or personal video session.

In-Classroom Dates: August 11-13, 2022
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (10 am-1 pm and 2:30-5 pm)

These are small-personalized mentorship courses and there is very limited enrollment.

Location: Crestone, Colorado
Please note that food and accommodations in Crestone, CO is not included in the tuition.

Tuition: $695

Prerequisite: Enrolled in the Aromatherapy Level 1 course or Harmonized Aromatherapy for Seasonal Wellness Course

Instructor: Shanti Dechen, CCAP, CAI, LMT, the founder, and director of Aroma Apothecary Healing Arts Academy See more about Shanti.

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