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~ This is what our students are saying about us~

I have learned a tremendous amount from both the Level 1 and Level two courses at Aroma Apothecary Arts Academy. Not only did I walk away with a greater understanding of essential oils and how to use them, but I learned so much about the body! Without a proper understanding of the body and its systems, I would not be able to properly apply essential oils. The Five Element Healing portion of the course was something unique that has been helpful from a holistic standpoint. Going beyond reflexology, I was able to understand ways to bring the body’s systems back into balance. The other thing I appreciated about this class is the support system offered by Shanti Dechen. She gave great insights into my client’s needs, which has been valuable moving forward in my practice of aromatherapy. I would definitely recommend these courses to anyone who is currently using or interested in using essential oils.

Faith F. CCA, Clinical Aromatherapy Mastery Program Graduate

I learned the importance of combining essential oils and carrier oils properly. 
I enjoyed working with you as always, and look forward to working with you in the future.

C. S., CCA, Clinical Aromatherapy Mastery Program Graduate

Thank you so much for everything: Your patience, knowledge, input, the opportunity. I have printed our correspondence and filed it away for future reference along with all of the class materials. I learned quite a lot. When I am ready for a new educational challenge I will look into the aromatherapy teacher’s training.

M.S., CCA, Clinical Aromatherapy Mastery Program Graduate

 I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this class and how much I am learned.   I am even more excited about aromatherapy then I have been and can't wait to teach this in my community.  Thank you, Shanti for including me in this wonderful class and thank you to all the amazing women in the class for allowing me to be apart of your knowledge.  

Aileen Halvorson, CCA, CAI, Aromatherapy Professional Program Graduate and Teacher's Training

Thank you!  I very much enjoyed the training and feel immense gratitude for both our connection and having the honor to receive this training from such a wise and compassionate teacher and spirit.

Jennifer Cardone, CCA, CAI, Aromatherapy Professional Program Graduate and Teacher's Training

Absolutely love this course, I must say... It's definitely the best course I have ever taken.

A. Goss, LMT, Clinical Aromatherapy Level 1

Not only do I feel extremely privileged to be learning from Shanti Dechen because she's better than the internet with her personal stories about every Essential Oil, but her bright & upbeat personality made the study of aromatherapy an incredibly joyful experience!

Thank you SO much, Shanti, for offering these classes, making it possible for me to take it at this time!! Love and respect,

Cindy Howard CCA, CAI, CMT, Aromatherapy Professional Program Graduate and Teacher's Training

The level 1 clinical aromatherapy course was challenging, informative, interesting, and usable. It was far beyond my expectations. I loved the fact that you were available for help and feedback. I will be able to incorporate it easily into my life and work as a massage therapist.

K.S.LMT, Certified Aromatherapy Level 1

I enjoyed the learning style because I like to work at my own pace. The course materials were very good references for blending. I like how the summary information was organized in charts. You were very quick with feedback and answering questions! Thanks!

T.L., Certified Aromatherapy Level 1

It was a wonderful course, I learned a lot and it was immense, I have been using essential oils a lot more extensively now and will continue to use them for myself and others. What I most easily remembered as the historical facts and stories about the essential oils and anything unusual and striking qualities that the oils had. My favorite part was the aromatherapy formulations and learning to use the essential oils and carrier oils in different ways.

K.S., Certified Aromatherapy Level 1 

This class is absolutely fascinating—I can't stop studying—I knew this was a wonderful world but really had no idea of the depth and breadth of aromatherapy. I'm sooooo glad I decided to take this course. This course is one of the better courses I’ve taken, not just for the content, but for the presentation as well. Very professionally done and I would recommend this school and courses to anyone seriously interested in this area of healing.

V. W., Certifed Aromatherapy Level 1

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