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Aromatherapy Level 2- Aromatherapy Consultations, Advanced Blending & Materia Aromatica (Digital Course)

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Aromatherapy Level 2-Module B (50 hours)

Advanced Aromatherapy Consultations, Advanced Essential Oil Blending & Advanced Materia Aromatica:

This aromatherapy case study and consultation course is an advanced continuation of the cross referencing blending from the Aromatherapy Level 1. Creating twenty specific aromatherapy blends for your clients' and customer's individual needs, skin types and conditions. The course materials also include an advanced therapeutic blending index focused on auto-immune issues and conditions, and completing research for Advanced Materia Aromatica: fifteen essential oil profiles.

Included in Module B course:

  • Digital Course Materials and Advanced Materia Aromatica.
  • Personalized Instructor Support and mentorship by phone, email or personal video session.

Prerequisite: Completion of Clinical Aromatherapy Level 1 or comparable program.

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