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Category: Aromatherapy Certification Level 1 Options

Our Aromatherapy Level 1, 50-hour course is the beginning course for the certified aromatherapy program.

Upon enrollment, the digital downloads are immediately available, OR hard copy course materials are shipped to you.
There is one year given to complete the aromatherapy level 1 course. However, most students complete it within three months.
We offer personalized mentorship and support through email, phone, and one-on-one video sessions. A certified aromatherapy diploma is issued upon completion of each 50-hour course.

Then, you can continue to the aromatherapy level 2 and 3 modules.

Our Aromatherapy Professional Program (200 hours) combines the aromatherapy level 1 and three of the aromatherapy level 2 modules.

Our Aromatherapy Mastery Program (300 hours) combines the aromatherapy level 1 and five of the clinical aromatherapy level 2 and 3 modules.

The Aroma Apothecary Healing Arts Academy’s 300-hour Aromatherapy Program is intended to provide the highest quality of Clinical Aromatherapy Certification. This complete program offers a comprehensive combination of courses geared towards holistic healing and creating a successful aromatherapy business.

Graduates who complete the minimum 200 hours are qualified to join the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) and (AIA) Alliance of International Aromatherapists as a professional aromatherapist and are qualified to take the National Registration test with the Aromatherapy Council, practice as a clinical aromatherapist, and are eligible to enroll in the Aroma Apothecary Healing Arts Academy’s teachers training.

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