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Aromatherapy Massage Blend

As a board-certified massage therapist, I have studied numerous types of bodywork and holistic healing methods. Regularly, I receive various types of healing work as an integral part of my wellness foundation. These treatments assist me in relaxing deeply and obtaining feedback on different issues or imbalances within my bodymind. They reduce overall aches, pains, and stagnate energies that can be quickly relieved before a chronic problem or imbalance occurs.

Incorporating an aromatherapy blend with a massage or other holistic treatments significantly increases the healing results.

Topical applications of aromatherapy blends enable the fantastic healing benefits of essential oils to be absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin. Topical application also combines the benefits of essential oils with the benefits of carrier oils.

I obtain a detailed health history for all my massage therapy and holistic healing clients. The # 1 priority of working with clients is identifying any precautions with specific essential oils and carrier oils. As you may be familiar with the precautions, there are more of them as research becomes available.

I want to share with you a lovely aromatherapy massage blend that increases circulation and lymphatic flow, reduces pain, and calms the client. This particular blend has just a couple of precautions to follow.

Aromatherapy Massage Oil Blend

Add the following essential oils to a one-ounce (30mls) PET plastic flip-top bottle:

Carrier Oils

· 10mls Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius)

· 10mls Arnica (Arnica montana) *

· 10mls Calendula (Calendula officinalis)

Essential Oils

· 5 drops Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis)

· 4 drops Lavender (Lavandula officinalis)

· 3 drops Copaiba (Copaifera langsdorffii)

Shake well and use as a massage oil or use on spot areas to reduce inflammation. When not in use, it is best to refrigerate to extend the shelf life.

Precautions: Do not use arnica oil* on any open wounds or cuts.

This is a 3% dilution blend and should be reduced to 1% during pregnancy and for children (to be used only for children over 5 years old).

Essential oil dilution ratios for topical blends:

• 0.5-1% dilution = Six drops of essential oil per one-ounce carrier oil. Use for children, elders, during pregnancy, and individuals with weakened systems and/or sensitivities.

• 2% dilution = Twelve drops of essential oil per one-ounce carrier oil. Use for general, whole-body massage.

• 3% dilution = Eighteen drops of essential oil per one-ounce carrier oil. Use for localized massage, acute conditions, and those with higher metabolisms.

“Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners.” William Shakespeare

Interested to make your own infused carrier oils of arnica and calendula? Read the process of plant infusion.

Photo Resource: Image by valeria_aksakova; Retrieved 02/01/2023


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