Shanti Dechen, CCAP, CAI, LMT

Shanti Dechen, CCAP, CAI, LMT is the founder and director of Aroma Apothecary Healing Arts Academy, is a certified clinical aromatherapist, and has been a clinical aromatherapy instructor for the last 18 years. She has been a health practitioner and a certified massage therapist since 1979. She has a university background in healing and the sciences—over 15,000 hours of extensive holistic training and certification in body-mind therapies.

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Nasal Inhaler: Aromatherapy’s Unsung Hero

One of the most unique features of aromatherapy as an herbal healing modality is the variety of applications. Of these, it is the aromatherapy inhalation application, the nasal inhaler, that is extremely effective, truly aromatherapy’s unsung hero. And, here is why…. The sense of smell acts mostly on the subconscious level of the brain; yet it offers us more than 10,000 times more information than the senses of sight, taste, and touch combined. The sense of smell (olfaction) was one of the earliest senses to arise in evolution and it is well developed in animals'. Olfaction is the process of the brain perceiving odor. It is utilized to detect odors of food, enemies, territory, and the oppos

Bodymind Connection: Psychoneuroendoimmunology

Many things can happen in our lives to disrupt our emotional balance and create thoughts and feelings of stress, anxiety, or sadness. Unresolved negative thoughts remain in the body and can affect every area of our lives; from sleepless nights, poor health, relationship, or financial challenges. Emotional stress is linked to chronic inflammation, lowered immune function, increased blood pressure, and altered brain chemistry. Psychoneuroendoimmunology (PNI) is the study of the effect of the mind on health and resistance to disease. Psycho (mind/emotions), neuro (nervous system), endo (endocrine system), immunology (immune system). PNI researchers have studied how emotions and thoughts impac

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