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Shanti Dechen, CCAP, CAI, LMT is the founder and director of Aroma Apothecary Healing Arts Academy, is a certified clinical aromatherapist, and has been a clinical aromatherapy instructor for the last 18 years. She has been a health practitioner and a certified massage therapist since 1979. She has a university background in healing and the sciences—over 15,000 hours of extensive holistic training and certification in body-mind therapies.

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Divine Davana

Davana (Artemisia pallens) is a lesser known essential oil with amazing properties and benefits. It is truly a unique essential oil that can change its scent with every individual. This oil is a perfect addition for a truly personal aromatherapy perfume. This is also an excellent essential oil for room sprays and diffusing. Family: Asteraceae or Compositae Origin: Native to southern India. Part of plant used for distillation: Leaves, stems and small flowers. Extraction Method: Steam distilled Main Chemical Constituents: Davanone, davan ether, davana furan and linalool. This oil has a strong presence of ketones and should always be diluted with carrier oils. It is suggested to use a lower d

Self-Care During the Holidays

It seems this year went by so quickly! The holiday season is upon us once again. For many of us, it’s a wonderful time of the year, as we look forward to spending time with family and friends to celebrate the joy of the season. But, in preparation for the holidays, it can become difficult to strike a balance between our daily lives and these additional tasks and obligations. Holiday stress is often taken for granted, as the pace of life speeds up, we tend to expect much more of ourselves and others. When stress is at its peak, it can be difficult to remind ourselves to stop and regroup. Chronic stress can disrupt nearly every system in our body, and when not properly managed, can adversely

Diffusing Essential Oils

Using aromatherapy in your home or office can quickly reduce stress, increase immunity and create a wonderful ambience. Try the blends below for immune enhancement. Diffuser Blend Add the following essential oils to a nebulizing diffuser. 10 drops Frankincense (Boswellia serrata) 8 drops Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis) 4 drops Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) Diffusing essential oils is one of the quickest ways to enhance immune stimulation and adds a wonderful ambience to the environment. If you do not have a nebulizing diffuser you can also create a room spray or add a few drops of essential oils to a pot of hot water on the stove. Room Spray In a 2oz. glass bottle with a spray top add the

Thoughts on Aromatherapy and Herbalism

Thank you to Courtney Herrera for sharing her thoughts and this BLOG post. Courtney is a Certified Herbalist & currently a Clinical Aromatherapy Mastery Program Student. To me, aromatherapy is part of herbalism. Maybe it's because I am trained as an herbalist first, and am undergoing training as an aromatherapist now. Whatever the reason, I find myself utterly confused at the division between these two herbal healing modalities. To me, it makes sense that as an herbalist you should have formal training in aromatherapy and that aromatherapists should have some knowledge of herbs. Even before I started aromatherapy school, I used essential oils in many of the salves I make as herbal remedies.

All About Autumn- Metal Five Element

In the theory of the Five Elements, also known as the Five Phases, the season of Autumn is associated with the METAL element. The Metal element symbolizes the time of the harvest, gathering in, and the beginning stages of Yin. After the Fall Equinox the weather turns cooler, the nights are now longer than the days, the climate is dry as leaves dry and fall from the trees. Coolness and darkness begin to predominate. Metal energy is contractive, moving in from all directions; we gather in the harvest, we spend more time indoors, and we may begin to become inwardly reflective and wistful. Its color is pure white or metallic chrome, reflective and clear. Metal element represents the time of olde

Autumn Room Spritzers

Many thanks to Natalie Zalenka for her wonderful BLOG contribution. Natalie has had a lifelong interest in holistic healing and helping others, as well as a commitment to learning. She is a Reiki Master Teacher and is a current student in our Clinical Aromatherapy Mastery Program. Autumn has arrived, with its brilliant colors, crisp air, cozy sweaters, and firelight. It is the season of harvest and the time when Mother Nature prepares for a long winter’s rest. This is true for us as well; a season of turning within as the nights become longer than the days. Autumn is also a time when family and friends join us in our homes. The aromas of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg bring about beautiful m

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