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All About Autumn- Metal Five Element

In the theory of the Five Elements, also known as the Five Phases, the season of Autumn is associated with the METAL element.

The Metal element symbolizes the time of the harvest, gathering in, and the beginning stages of Yin. After the Fall Equinox, the weather turns cooler, the nights are now longer than the days, and the climate is dry as leaves dry and fall from the trees. Coolness and darkness begin to predominate. Metal energy is contractive, moving in from all directions; we gather in the harvest, we spend more time indoors, and we may begin to become inwardly reflective and wistful. Its color is pure white or metallic chrome, reflective and clear. The metal element represents the time of older adulthood and the beginning of our senior years when our hair turns silvery and white. The metal phase also corresponds to the direction of the West, to dusk, and to Autumn.

Associated Meridians: Lungs/Large Intestines

Balanced Metal Element

A person with well-balanced Metal energy is well-organized, self-disciplined, methodical, discerning, reserved, precise, and conscientious. They like structure in their life.

They are most comfortable in situations when they know the rules and can succeed by following them. Metal Qi (chi or energy) bestows a deep inner strength, like ore mined from the mountains. The Metal element’s positive psycho-emotional attributes are courage, righteousness, dignity, and integrity. Metal types like definition, structure, discipline, virtue, discretion, and authority. Self and others are held to the highest standards, and they seek to live accordingly to reason and principle. Beauty, ceremony, and refinement are revered.

Imbalanced Metal Element

A person with Metal Qi imbalance may be grief-stricken and steeped in sadness. They may be overly critical. They may have trouble letting go and expressing emotion and intimacy. When the Metal energy is weak, there can be illnesses of the lungs or respiratory system and frequent colds. The Lung meridian also rules the skin, so rashes, eczema, and problems with sweating can be related to Metal imbalance. Chronic constipation or diarrhea, or other bowel diseases can affect the large intestine meridian.

If a problem arises in any of the meridians, there is an imbalance that affects the flow of Qi (chi). If the imbalance is corrected, the energy flow becomes regular, and the organ starts functioning well. Applying essential oil blends to acupressure points can rebalance and correct the Qi pathways.