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Using Aromatherapy for 25 Years!

It recently occurred to me that I have been using aromatherapy and essential oils for over 25 years! I have seen so many changes in this industry. It is fabulous that so many people have been introduced to essential oils and utilize more natural healing methods.

What have I learned over time:

  • I absolutely love aromatherapy! It has enhanced my life in so many beautiful ways.

  • Start by learning a few essential oils well is much better than trying to learn a little about lots of them.

  • Becoming educated in the uses and safety of essential oils is crucial. Not one essential oil fits all people and overtime; some can even be dangerous.

  • I am still amazed by the wide variety of uses and applications of aromatherapy. Which can include inhalation (nasal inhalers/diffusing), bath, salt shower scrub, foaming soaps, household cleaning, topical and massage blends, facial care, personal care products, and one of my top favorites, perfumery. I find it so enjoyable to formulate my own products and to distill hydrosols.

  • Carrier oils create such a nutritious and beneficial base for the essential oils, much like a beautiful vase for a flower arrangement.

  • Essential oils can retrain our mind and body into centered, balanced, and relaxed states. However, they will not “fix” everything without taking into consideration a healthy diet, exercise, and emotional wellbeing.

  • It takes an enormous amount of plant matter to produce essential oils. It is wise to consider the fact that using more and more oils daily does create long term sustainability issues of these sacred plants.

  • There is so much misinformation about aromatherapy on the internet that utilizing reliable research and continued education is so necessary!

  • There is so much to learn. Even after 25 years, I am still learning more about aromatherapy.

I am looking forward to the continued future with aromatherapy and being part of what’s next!

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