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Plai Essential Oil

Family: Zingiberaceae

Origin: Thailand

Plant Description: The Plai plant grows about 8 inches in height and produces narrow pseudo stems that look a lot like pinecones.

Oil Description: a spicy aroma, reminiscent of green peppers and eucalyptus with notes of ginger and citrus

Part of Plant used for Essential Oil: rhizomes

Extraction Method: steam distilled

Main Chemical Constituents: Terpinen-4-ol, Sabinene, y-Terpinene

PRECAUTIONS: none known

PROPERTIES: antimicrobial, antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral

NOTE: top - middle


Circulation/Muscles/Joints relieves aches and pains, joint problems, muscle spasms, inflammation, torn muscles, sore ligaments, and tendons and sciatica

Immune System: stimulates the immune system, fights bacterial infection

Nervous System: lifts spirits and calms nerves

Respiratory: eases asthma attacks, aids with respiratory problems

Reproductive: eases menstrual cramping

Digestive System: calms the digestive system and expels gas

Other interesting information:

Plai is in the same family as Ginger and is a favorite choice among Thai massage therapists. Plai is gaining a reputation for use in chronic pain conditions.

Great used in a nasal inhaler or diffuser during cold and flu season.

Much appreciation to ​Robin Kourakis, for sharing this beautiful aromatherapy oil profile. Robin is a Clinical Aromatherapy Mastery Program Graduate and an Aromatherapy Teacher and the owner of The Cosmic Gardens Flower Shop