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Autumn Aromatherapy Blends

Enjoy these Autumn aromatherapy diffusing blends that can bring comfort, warmth, and a burst of joy into your environment. These methods work quickly and do an excellent job of diffusing the oils throughout your home or office.

These aromatherapy blends are intended for diffusing, in a spray bottle, or stove top applications.

* Aromatherapy Diffuser—Add one of the essential oil blends into a nebulizing diffuser.

* Spray bottle—Fill a glass spray top bottle with 1 TBSP. of vegetable glycerin, add one of the essential oil blends, shake well, and then add distilled water. Spray in the corners of any room, your car, or in your shower before you get in.

* Stovetop—Fill a small pot with water, simmer, add one of the essential oil blends and let it steam.

Enjoy a healthy and joyfilled Autumn!

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