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An Aromatic Hug!

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Like most of you, I have been in quarantine for over a month now. It has been a busy time in the office and also preparing my book for kindle. However, last night I started to feel a bit grumpy and edgy. I reached for my essential oils and found a great combination to bring myself back to a calm, peaceful, and spacious mind. It was like an aromatic hug!

Aromatic Hug Blend In a 5ml roller bottle, mix the following essential oils, CO2's, and absolutes into a base of jojoba oil (Simmondsia chinensis)

  • 4 drops Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis) - calming and refreshing

  • 3 drops Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) - grounding and stabilizing

  • 3 drops Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) - spicy uplifting

  • 2 drops Champaca CO2 (Michelia champaca)- a rich floral aroma that is deeply relaxing.

  • 2 drops Violet Leaf Absolute (Viola odorata)- this absolute is generally just used in aromatic perfumery, but it is very useful to add a drop or two to blends when you feel you need to “let go”!

  • 2 drops Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides) - deep grounding and reassurance

For stress-reducing, apply small amounts under the clavicle area and on the wrists for easy inhalation. This blend can also be used in a nasal inhaler, diffuser, or room spray. NOTE: This blend is not intended for children. You could simplify it and use a 0.5-1% dilution of sweet orange, cypress, and vetiver.

Mindfulness Moment

Training your bodymind awareness on a daily basis will assist in developing healthy patterns, strengthening your immune system, enhancing overall radiance, and experiencing the vitality of life.

To bring yourself into a receptive state of mind, find a quiet space. You can be seated or lying down, but it will help if your spine is straight.

  • Choose your favorite relaxing essential oil and put a couple of drops on a cotton pad or in a nasal inhaler. Breathe deeply, allowing the essence to penetrate. Deepen the breath to penetrate into your lungs, expanding your abdomen and back ribs.

  • Close your eyes and bring your gaze to focus on your navel and feel the centering power of this gesture.

  • Next, bring your attention to the bottoms of your feet and feel the connection to the earth.

  • Continue to focus your awareness on your breath into the upper chest, abdomen and back relaxing and letting go of the tension.

  • As you feel a sense of grounding and are more relaxed, slowly open your eyes and move forward in a relaxed manner.

Fostering a sense of gratitude for what we have makes us better able to cope with stress, have more positive emotions, and allows for a more joyful life.

I also want to share a favorite inspirational quote with you.