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Open Minded, Peaceful World

Life is a series of routines, loops we created for ourselves to get us through the day. For some, these stay constant, while for others, they may be ever-changing. We rely profoundly on the plan, yet when rerouted, we are completely thrown off. At this moment lies opportunity, do we strive with all our might to get back on course

or do we explore off the beaten path?

"Soul searching" is defined as "deep, anxious consideration of one's emotions and motives or the correctness of a course of action; involving or expressing deep consideration." It is in moments of discourse that we gain open-mindedness to

evaluate the past and foresee the future unprejudiced.

In this middle-of-the-road moment, we experience true balance; yin/yang. Envision a circle with two halves, each containing a small amount of opposing energy representing the concept of equal power. Opposite in nature yet complimentary, neither superior nor inferior, neither can exist without the other. Everything in nature is based upon a dualist principle and reminds us that the only true path to harmony is through balance. This ancient symbol of harmony telling us that even in the bad, there is good, and in times of darkness, there is light, the very nature of Life.

What we consider to be a problem may be an opportunity to learn and to grow. No matter what... we grow, no matter what we think we know... we grow. - Argisle."

When things start to fall apart, allow yourself to emerge. Let your faith in the journey be stronger than your fears; give yourself space to explore a new viewpoint differently than your own. As your mind blossoms, it doesn't mean that you put your thoughts and beliefs aside but that you can respectfully see the other side of the spectrum, and with this shift in perspective, you can see the World in all its beauty.

We are all on a bumpy road, but we are on it together. We have to embrace our differences instead of allowing them to divide us. Be neither "here" nor "there" but "meet in the middle." Our compassion for each other must recognize that every human being is a member of humanity regardless of our differences; deep down, there is no difference. Different doesn't mean wrong. We are all in this together, and we are only as strong as we are united. We have come to a crossroads. Do we follow the path of least resistance, or do we wander off the beaten path to an open-minded, peaceful World? Let us redirect our routines and recreate a larger loop, a greater circle of Life. The World is filled with unity, equality, and understanding of our differences. No one is in front of you in a circle, no one is behind you, no one is above you, and no one is below you; we are one.

Much appreciation to Amber Goss for sharing her wonderful insights and fabulous photo! Amber has been a licensed massage therapist for eighteen years and is the owner of Bella Vista Massage and Spa in Milroy, PA. She is also a current Level 2 student of Aroma Apothecary Healing Arts Academy.

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