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Grounding and Centering Your Earth Element

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

In the Northern Hemisphere, we are now entering late summer, or the in-between season, before autumn starts. In the five-element theory of healing, this is associated with the Earth Element. This time is the peak of harvest for plants, the time of ripening of fruit and grains, and when the energy starts to wane, becoming cooler in the evenings, and when the first golden leaves start to appear on the trees. Days and nights are nearly equal in length. The climate is perfect – neither too hot nor too cold, neither to wet nor too dry.

The Earth Element symbolizes balance. Earth represents mid-life, mature adulthood. It is the center of the mandala or medicine wheel, the point where we stand looking out at the four cardinal directions. Earth phase corresponds to the center, the middle, the point of balance between Yang and Yin, Earth energy is stable, giving us a firm center and a grounding presence.

There are many different aspects of the Earth Element let’s start with the beautiful bright yellow or amber color. Amber color is similar in color to the golden grain right before harvest, and similar to dried sap from a tree. Both have a very sweet and grounding scent.

The earth element also has a very powerful effect on the digestive process, this element is connected with the internal organs of the stomach, spleen, and pancreas. If the Earth element is out of balance, we may be prone to digestive disorders - as well as illness in any other organ or function of the body, we are dependent on the stomach and spleen for transportation of nourishment.

Earth energy is ALL about grounding and centering. To ground means you are centered and clear. Envision your legs like tree trunks rooted to the Earth Mother. Your feet and legs are your grounding cords or your “roots”. Like a plant’s root system, you also have a grounding cord stabilizes you, so that whatever happens in the world around you, you aren’t carried away. You can remain stable in the calm energy of the Earth.

Abdominal breathing is also a very effective way to stabilize. A relaxation response is created when we relax our abdomen and pelvic diaphragm, draw in a deep belly breath; allowing the breath to fill the lungs from the bottom to the top of the thorax while expanding the belly and chest in a coordinated sequence, this process creates parasympathetic nervous system toning. This type of breathing is called the relaxing breath, or the calming breath. It is best to keep your focus and attention on your belly while you breathe.

There are many wonderful essential oils associated with the earth element.

EARTH – Spleen/ Pancreas/ Stomach – This element nourishes the muscles. To activate grounding and centering move your body!

Virtues: Centered, openness, balance, and grounded.

Emotional Imbalances: worry and sympathy.

EARTH ESSENTIAL OILS are sweet, warming, and earthy with a deep rich scent.

These essential oils provide calming, centering, reassuring, and regulating qualities.

  • Benzoin (Styrax benzoin) Qualities are warming, increases immunity, and energy for the Stomach and Spleen clears phlegm, and calms nerves and mind.

  • Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) Qualities are warm and dry, increases digestion and balancing effect for the Stomach and Spleen.

  • Davana (Artemisia pallens) Qualities are sweet and warming increases immunity, clears internal dampness, calming to nerves and mind.

  • Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) Cooling, calming for the mind and emotions.